Cum Guzzler

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You love cum, not only yours but other men’s as well. Don’t lie to me, I peeked at your phone the other day. I saw those texts, I saw you have the Grindr app downloaded. I’m not an idiot. You may enjoy my pussy but your secret is out: you also have a wicked craving for cock. Big ones, small ones, thick ones, skinny ones, you want it all. Well, since you’re such a cum aficionado, I’m going to give you a special surprise. Tonight I’m going out, I’m putting on my finest lingerie and sexiest dress and I’m going to a fancy hotel bar and plan on hooking up with as many out of town businessmen as possible. I’m gonna give them the pleasure of releasing their loads deep inside my dripping wet pussy and when I’m nice and filled up, I’m coming home to you. I’m going to rub those soaked panties up against your face and when you finally wake up, I’ll give you the opportunity to suck all that cum out of my perfect pussy. So don’t bother eating dinner tonight, darling. I’ll be bringing home some leftovers