Angry Sister

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I noticed that you're spying on my on a daily basis, brother... I have to remind you that this is not cool and above all, not natural! You should be attracted to other girls, not to your older Busty Sister. I felt you spying on me today when I was in the bathroom, it was extremely awkward and unpleasant for me, I could even say that I feel sexually harassed with this behavior. I don't really know what to do, I should tell mother or something like this, because you're off limit. But wait a minute....I think I know what to do exactly, you little pervert: why should I feel sexually harassed by you when I can make you feel sexually harassed by me? I'll make you to masturbate in front of me. How? I'll sacrifice my privacy for a little while and I'll manipulate you to do it by showing you my gorgeous boos, I know you can't say no to a wonderful pair of big boobs like mine! If I give a little thought, I could even say you're a virgin, I've never seen somebody to get it up so quickly by just looking at a pair of boobs, and I have experience. After all, I don't know why I'm astonished, you're my brother and I know you... and I have to say it: you're completely un-fuckable! So I'll urge you to masturbate because I want to get rid of this huge burden: the horny brother spying on me, every step, every move I do. I'll even count for you to cum (happily for you I'll allow you to cum on my boobs) when I lose my patience, I want to see those balls empty first and then we'll talk! Keywords: masturbation-instructions, jerk-off-instructions, JOI, instructions, sister, angry-sister, big-tits, big-boobs, big-natural-tits, naturals, sister-instructions, taboo, taboo-instructions, blonde, boob-flash, boobs, cum-countdown, roleplay