Hungarian / BUDAPEST
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HEARTBREAKER - CANDLELIT CUCKOLDING : CUM EATING CUCKOLD HUMILIATION What could be more painful and excitant for a cuckold than to see that his wife spend a romantic ,sensual night with her lover? My favorite bull is currently abroad on business for almost three months ago and I miss him very much. I lie on the bed and chat with him while my loser husband lick my ass and I get an awesome news.Carlos comes back to Hungary tonight and he wants to meet with me.I'm so happy and excited ! I'm starting to prepare for the night immediately because I want to give him a truly unforgettable night. I'm going to buy a new sexy dress ,sensual oil and candles.I command my cucky to make the bedroom really sexy and romantic and when he finished I handcuff him to the kitchen counter face to the bed. I enjoy to break his heart so tonight he can see the most romantic, passionate lovemaking in his life. When Carlos sees me in my new super hot dress ,he gets hard as steel immediately. We begin to kiss so so passionate, intimate and singular as if it would be the first kissing in our life.We make really long and passionate love in front of my husband's eyes.After we have finished the first round ,my bull shoots a big load in my mouth.I walk slowly to my cuckboy and I spit the hot thick cum in his pathetic face and mouth.He swallows it till the last drop and I go back to the bed with my lover because it will be a very long night