Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday




Hungarian / BUDAPEST
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My best girlfriend Juliet is a very lucky girl .Today she will have her wedding and her groom is the dream husband of every girl.This guy is handsome, charming,attractive,rich and he loves Juliet more than anything. I'm the best woman for their wedding and I go to the church with the groom.Juliet asked me to test her groom's loyalty but I have a completely different plan! I handcuff the groom's hands behind his back and I push my pretty stockinged feet in his face. I make him to worship my feet much better than his bridge. He is afraid I send the pictures to Juliet so he does exactly what I want. He kisses ,licks and sniffs my divine stockinged feet like a good slave. After some minutes I take off my sexy stockings and I command him to express his admiration for my bare feet as well