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Mortal Kombat & Chill, deep BJ + Crmpie

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Canadian / SunnyVale
1,252 5.0
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gbass1207 - Top reviewer Oct 11 2017
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This clip is hotter than Scorpion's breath!!! Thor emerges as the victor in Mortal Kombat, but in the next round Amelia unleashes one of her most powerful attacks- a very intense blowjob! There are some incredible POV angles here, and the blowjob is absolutely phenomenal!!!! It really hot seeing her head held down as she sucks away!
Best oral in Earthrealm!!! But not to be undone, he counters with a very thorough doggy style fucking!!! More great POV as his cock thrusts away. Amelia looks super sexy with her red hair and garter belt too, not to mention her moans!!! Finally, he unleashes his ultimate finishing move- a large creampie! You then see some shots of her beautiful pussy as his cum oozes out. This vid is an absolute flawless victory!!! So, "Get over here!!!!" and grab this awesome b/g video! <3

Mortal Kombat & Chill! a fun idea, best out of 3 rounds wins oral! i felt like i stood a really good chance since i can kick some serious ass with my favorite, Kitana! But i underestimated Thor's skills and he completely wiped the floor with me!!! starts off with a little bit of fun & joking which gives this vid a really intimate & fun feel. Well he won so i start sucking!! mostly POV blowjob with some nice views from the side thrown in. When he holds my head down on his cock is when things really start to heat up! he does this a few times, i look up with my big doe eyes as he shoves every inch of his cock down my throat & keeps me there as i struggle slightly with not being able to breath. i LOVE deepthroating & be honest this part made me so wet. After all the cock sucking i decide i need to get fucked so he pounds my tight little cunt doggy style!! a great angle where you can see my face & my tits (as they try to bounce out of my bra!) while i'm being fucked, plus some POV shots of his long cock fucking me. He makes me moan as he fucks me deeper and deeper until he fills me up with a big sticky creampie!! and then of course i get a few good shots of my delicious cummy pussy afterwards, and show off the creampie as it drips out <3