Casting Couch Sister

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I've always wanted to be a Porn Star! I guess I hadn't the courage up until now to actually try and become one. I've struggled with all kinds of side jobs like being a waitress or paper work but I was paid little to nothing. A girl like me has her needs and I decided that I will not waste my time anymore, with jobs that don't matter in a more general point of view. I decided to do what I love the most and the field I have the most experience: the sex industry seemed the perfect choice! I was sure that my DeepThroat skills and the tricks my hands does with a cock, plus my Big Breasts would compose a perfect character for this kind of business. I was right! I encouraged myself to go at a porn casting I've found on the internet. I knew that the "interview" is actually a blowjob but that, strangely, didn't disturb me at all. They have a professional look and they seem to value quality, so I thought I have noting to worry about. Very few people have my weird luck, however... The good news: I know the guy who's gonna "interview" me. The bad news is that he's my very own brother! Of course the fact that we are closely related caused some awkward moments, that was expected to happen. Fortunately - or not - I fear I cannot use the adverb "natural" from now on in this story. When I heard that a reappointment would be in 3 weeks minimum, I wanted to just go through with it! Like right fucking now! With my brother! He doesn't have much of a moral compass and he was fine with it, I could say we had there what is called a real connection. Since the moment I began sucking his cock we both became relaxed and cool enjoying our bodies and feeling amazing. Me because I've always considered him hot and he, probably, because was Mouth-Fucking his sister, the little perv...! I was submissive, letting him use my mouth me and literally Fuck my Throat (his rough moves hardened my nipples). We felt so good together! I must keep it a secret, of course if I get the job, but I will want to do it again. Oh, I will miss our little egging games, he was about to cum, I was stimulating his cock until the edge, then I stopped just to see him ride the roller-coaster of pleasure, then I just tickled his cock with the tip of the tongue and he came explosively, those long jets proving how much he loved it. Now I'm gonna be the PornStar! I wanted to be one for so long! There are a lot of DeepThroat scenes in this one darlings - long, hard, Throat Fucking