Surprise Confession

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I'll wait for him until he returns from work, then I'm gonna do my best to put him in a good mood for the exact right time when I'll announce the fact that I cheated! I wear a very revealing blouse, my boobs almost in plain sight and patiently wait for him on a chair. The moment he enters the house my face lights up with joy and I immediately offer a soothing BlowJob. He was, of course, surprised, our sexual life was not so good lately and he surely needed some attention. So I took his penis out and sucked it for a while, alternating between HandJob and BlowJob until it was hard the way I like it. Then, I began to suck it rapidly with alternating DeepThroat dives. This seemed like a nice gift for him and I'm gonna keep the secret until just before he cums!... hehe He has no idea, at the moment and that's good, I'll keep sucking his cock and he'll be happy from about ten more minutes from now on. At least I must offer him something nice before striking him with the bad news that he's gonna hear anyway. It's best to hear them from me than to hear them otherwise. So, when he's squirming in complete and utter pleasure I spit the dirty truth: "My darling, I've cheated on you with your best friend Dave!" - Then he cums in my mouth swearing and cursing... I get off on that, by the way! ;) Keywords: blowjob, handjob, deepthroat, cheating, cuckolding, big-tits, big-natural-tits blonde, close-ups, cum-in-mouth, cum-on-tongue, 60fps, roleplay, cheating-slut, brat-slut, cum-swallowing