Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

CumSlut Cousin

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Well that's great! Your parents left you and your Sexy Cousin all locked up in this hotel room while they go about their important business... Just the two of you and nothing to do. Well not exactly nothing, because there's lots of fun things two willing individuals might do in this situation, your Hot Cousin explains now to you. For example she is very curious about your penis (she already can see it bulging in your jeans)! She wants you to take it out and show it to her, so what do you do?... You can sit there like a deflated nerdy puppet, or you can pull that big cock out and play with it for her, your Sexy and Dirty Minded Cousin! She'll even guide you through the motions, tell you what she'd like to see and maybe even show you those Big Titties she's barely hiding under that push-up bra! She want your cum, this CumSlut Cousin and she wants it on her Big Boobs! So... are you going to be a man and help her? Keywords: JOI, jerk-off-instructions, masturbation-instructions, taboo, cousin, cum-slut, big-tits, big-boobs, big-natural-tits, push-up-bra, cleavage, POV-JOI, instructions, solo-female, role-play, boob-play, stripping, topless