Your Princess Fucks a Dragon SPH

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393 5.0
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I really liked this video, you played the princess role very well :)

Delphoxi Dec 30

Thank you bby ✨😍❤️

The beautiful Princess has gone missing. Rumor has it that she has been taken by the mighty dragon and is trapped in his dungeon. She Prince fears the love of his life is in danger so he ventures to the dragons lair. The Prince rushes into the dungeon expecting to find his beautiful Princess waiting for him to rescue her, instead the Prince arrives and finds his princess with her mouth wrapped around the cock of the massive dragon. She's drooling and giggling as she sucks his massive cock. The Princess notices you enter the dungeon and smiles "Wow little Prince I didn't think you'd have enough balls to come looking for me" She pauses to suck the cock of the beast and moans with pleasure as the Prince is made to watch. "I thought you got the picture Little Prince, I wasn't taken by the dragon. I ran away to him so he could fill my tight pussy with his massive cock because your pathetic tiny cock will never do for a Princess like me!" The Prince can't help but watch as the Princess sucks and fucks the mighty dragon all while humiliating the Prince for having a tiny dick! The Princess would rather run away and be fucked by beasts than let the Prince fuck her with his pathetic micro cock
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