Magic Controlled Mother

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I was yelling at my lazy son as usual. He's room is a total mess and he never cleans up after himself! He doesn't help with the dishes either and his wardrobe is full of dirty clothes. All he does speak to his friend on the phone and play games on his computer. He doesn't even want to pause them when I ask him to, saying that those games are played online and he simply can't! But today, something unusual happened. He was on his phone, like usual, and I was nagging him again about the mess. Then it was like time stopped and in the next moment my body was responding to somebody else's commands, my fucking son's, actually! He made me do unimaginable things, the kind of things that never should happen between a mother and her son. First he made me put my hands on my boobs and squeeze them... after that he made me show him my boobs. If that would have been all, I could have imagined it was all a dream, but I never remember dreams, at least not the vivid kind. I was like a doll in his evil hands. He used me, made me his whore, his submissive obedient slut using some unusual techniques that made me completely loose the control over my body and my will. I sucked his cock, he even convinced me to DeepThroat it and I just could not stop, my mouth was simply moving and covering my son's penis with my lips and tongue. I was just like a suction cup on the arm of a huge squid! He fucked me and I, surprisingly, liked it, I came twice even while I considered it disgusting! I probably have some dirty thoughts on my mind too... I made him cum, by rubbing his penis faster and faster, hating it, squeezing the hell out of it, wanting to punish him somehow for what he had done. He liked it, of course and came immediately on my tits. He admired my tits, covered in cum and tried to wipe my memory, but look, my memory is intact and I can now share this filthy story with you! Keywords: taboo, mom, milf, mother-son, big-tits, big-natural-tits, magic-control, magicked-mom, obeying-commands, submissive, blowjob, deepthroat, face-fucking, bar-stool-fucking, fucking, doggystyle, role-play, cum-on-tits