Freebie Tuesday

I'm your Daddy


Ms Vivian Leigh

American / Florida USA
15:59 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 1.15 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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We were all born to be certain things. I was born to be a Goddess, a dominant entity that emasculates would-be men. But there are no men left, all the real men were sucked dry by sirens and demons and seductresses. So, what we have left is you. Soft, shy, insecure little cuckolds that have been claimed as property by bitter old hags who prevent you from becoming a real man, until it is too late and next thing you know... you love cock. Accept that the little clitty you yank on day and night will never ever please a woman. You will never know what it's like to have a woman give you her body, for you to pound, bite, slap, fuck, and own. All you will ever know is disappointment. But you sure love cock. Your thoughts of tits and ass are now replaced with fantasies of multiple cocks in your mouth while a latex clad Goddess plugs your ass, stretches you open until you gape, then breeding you like an old heifer. You want that don't you? I want you to beg, but not in the way you beg every single day, the words of a faggot mean nothing to me. I know you shoved a shaving cream can up your ass. I know you eat your cum for me day and night. What else would you be doing? But, you're going to beg for this big black strap on with no words. I put a pretty pink ball gag in your mouth and tease you with my Goddess body and big dominant dick as you cry... plead and beg me to fuck you. All I hear is mmmmhhhhmm mmmmmhhmmm mmmrrrfff mmmmm