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Slutty Girl From School

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I know you're here to tutor me, but I don't feel like tutoring at all! Let's do something else! Look outside, in a such warm sunny day you'll make me do calculus? No way! Let's go hiking! So what my parents paid you to tutor me? We'll just say we did the lesson... Only we will know that we did not actually. So what if there's gonna be no progress? That's my business to worry about, not yours. If you'll tell my parents we did the lesson they will believe you, because they have a good opinion about you. Until then we have three entire hours to ourselves. To be honest I observed that you're kinda fascinated by my loose t-shirt, I think I may have flashed my boobs there for a moment. Do you mind? I noticed you at school, you know, but don't get all flattered by that, I wanted to see if you're anything else than a boring geek. Also noticed you peeking at my boobs in class. So let's be honest about yourselves, I think you like me, but I'm a popular girl and my dream is to have a boyfriend that can offer me everything: a house, a car, money to spend, and you are not the one! What I cannot ignore is the boner you have right now looking at me and my loose t-shirt, so you can masturbate if you want, I like to watch boys masturbating, I find it fascinating! Come on, don't be so shy, even your ears are red! Look at my tits here and beat your meat! Yeah, I feel adored when someone masturbates in front of me so go on, go on faster! I'll count, from five to one and when I say one I want you to cum, do you agree? That's a Good Boy, and a great tutoring session! Keywords: jerk-off-instructions, masturbation-instructions, JOI, masturbation-encouragement, solo-girl, slutty, slut, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, masturbation, flashing, tutoring, roleplay, tank-top, don't-touch, fishnets