Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

31 Kicks from Princess Meggerz



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It's almost Psymon's 31st birthday, so guess what? He's getting 31 kicks to the nuts! What a delightful present. :) Starting off slow, in her opinion, Meggerz wails him in the balls from the very first kick! He gulps hard, waiting for what's the come when she, in her opinion, REALLY starts kicking him! She asks if he can handle it and giggles while she keeps kicking him while counting. Meggerz laughs and tells him to spread his legs and then delivers 10 more! Then to 20, a little break and then all the way to 31! These kicks are pretty damn hard, but we wouldn't expect any less from Princess Meggerz! 1 kick for every year of Psymon's life. Ouch