Studious Sister

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Well I really showed that nosy brother of mine this time! He really had no idea about what I'm capable of! Sure, I'm a studious girl, a mousy library rat, some might say... but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy doing the dirtiest, most Taboo sexual stuff you can think of! That's right I'm a slut in disguise, and that's the best kind of slut, you know... and my brother found this out the hard way last night! He was pestering me as usual, not letting me get in one full moment of studying, telling me I should get a boyfriend, that I don't know anything about sex... until I just couldn't take it anymore! I just turned around on my chair, spread my legs, and showed him the little vibrator I had in my wet cunt all this time - I usually study with a dildo up my cunt, it helps me with my constant hornyness and I just couldn't concentrate without it. He was surprised, obviously and even more so when I started masturbating in front of him. You see, all his talk about my lack of sexual activity put a little dark and Taboo thought into my head: I decided I was going to fuck my brother then and there, to show him what I can do! So I did it! Despite initial protests he got right along with it when I put his already hard cock into my mouth and thoroughly DeepThroated it! I sucked it until it was all the way hard, until all his misgivings were spent and then I asked him to put it into my pussy! He gave me an orgasm (he couldn't do more because he was to excited) and I made him cum on my big titties as a reward. I must say he never bothered me again with his silly bullying, and I... I'm thinking I want to repeat the experience soon. Keywords: taboo, sister, brother, roleplay, nerdy-sister, nerdy, big-tits, big-boobs, big-naturals, fucking, orgasm, female-orgasm, blowjob, deepthroat, oral-sex, sucking, handjob, cum-on-tits, cum-on-clothes, glasses, dildo, masturbation, vibrator