The Princesses and the pea-nis


Ava Black

British / UK
11:57 min - Oct 15 - .WMV - 221.77 MB


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Includes - sph - small penis humiliation - verbal beatdown - verbal putdown - femdom pov - glaminatrix - penis comparison - challenges Oh my! That babydick of yours is indescribable! Now we know that when women call penises indescribable it's a good thing... But in your case you really won the award for most disgusting penis ever and obliterated the record! You have the kind of cock that only a woman with no senses could appreciate! Even if we tried to measure you up against our ruler we'd need to substitute with a bit of fluff in order to get an accurate reading of you... so small we can barely feel you even if you are nestled in our hands. How seriously sad! That the only thing you could hope to fuck is a thimble