Alice Green's Full Scene

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Here is a FULL SCENE you DO NOT want to miss! Meet Alice Green. She is a super cute redhead with really nice soft feet and this is her first foot fetish shoot of any kind and her FIRST FOOTJOB! See it all from solo feet, foot worship, pose, to footjob. I also discounted this clip for you all. Absolutely adorable!! Alice Green JUST TURNED 18 YEARS OLD! She jumped right into the industry head first, the day she he turned 18. Alice is such a sexual freak she couldn't wait to shoot for all the porn companies. I went right to LA and lined up several scenes with her. I shot her FIRST ANAL CREAMPIE, a FOOTJOB and here, her solo foot tease scene!! This girl is awesome. She's very young looking, petite, has great red hair and freckles. WOW, do I LOVE redheads, lol! Alice Green is from Northern California and has size 7.5 feet that are super soft and she has really nice wrinkled soles. In fact, she got into the biz at the urging of her REAL LIFE CUCKOLD BOYFRIEND as he enjoys watching her. This is not a foot cuckolding scene but I find that really kinky and cool. She lives out real fantasies. Those are the best girls to work with every time. Alice Green does a lot of toe pointing and toe wiggling. She also lays in the Pose Position and also flat on her stomach with her legs flat and soles facing upward as well as going up on her tippy toes. There is nothing better than licking the smooth, soft untouched soles of a HOT 18 year old girl. Alice Green is just THAT GIRL! She is barely 18 and has NEVER had her feet worshiped before......EVER. See me lick this hot redhead's bare feet and wrinkled soles. I lick the tops of her feet as well as suck each toe and licking in between each toe. I start off by licking one foot at a time, while she rubs my cock over my shorts. This gets me so fired up. Alice Green is also quite TICKLISH, especially as I lick in between her toes and suck each toe. You hear her giggling and laughing. See me lick her high arches, too If you enjoy seeing a hot 18 year old getting her bare feet licked, you'll ABSOLUTELY LOVE this clip! Next, I turn 18 year old, Alice over on her stomach so I can lick her bare feet. Her soles are facing straight up and I lick her wrinkled soles and suck each toe and lick in between each one. This sexy redhead is kind of shy in the beginning, but she giggles throughout the scene as her feet are quite ticklish. She then goes up on her tippy toes so I can lick her arches. This girl is so freakin cute. I was very fortunate to get to work with her so soon. Alice then pulls her legs toward her body and I continue to lick her soft feet. These feet are practically untouched! Gotta love 18 year olds. The whole time I lick her feet in this position, I am rubbing her ass. Alice Green, for being JUST 18, is very open-minded and fun. In fact, her boyfriend is a REAL LIFE CUCKOLD and they live that relationship. Her boyfriend wanted her to get into the adult biz because he loved watching her be with other guys. We didn't get a chance to shoot a footjob cuckold or foot worship cuckold scene this time, but my next LA trip, we are most certainly. It was planned that we were going to shoot several scenes including the cuckold scenes, but there was a honest mix up with her agent. No biggie, we'll get it next time, lol. Alice is also an ANAL FREAK!!! We shot an ANAL CREAMPIE, too! this clip, you'll see lots of great cock stroking by Alice. She's actually REALLY GOOD at giving footjobs. I lick her feet while she gets me hard and then I apply some gel oil to get her feet nice and shiny. There's a ton of cock stroking in this clip. I finish by exploding all over her 18 year old feet. For anyone who likes first footjobs and 18 year olds, this is YOUR clip to see