Cuckolding Sister

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I know you've been my boyfriend for only two weeks, and that's a very short time, but in a partnership or a relationship, as yo may you call it, the partners must know some things about each other. The most important ones are the ones related to sexuality: kinks, fetishes, preferences, you know what I'm talking about... Sooo, long story short, you must know that I have a cuckolding fetish. How does it work? Well, I cheat on you a lot, I mean and I film myself doing it and show that to you and beg for your forgiveness and then I will do it again! and again! and again, just like a junkie. That gets me off for real and you must be prepared to not be (too) disappointed afterwards. This is the first video I will make for you, it depicts me and a random guy (we chatted online a bit). I suck his cock at first wanting to impress him with my DeepThroat abilities that you are so well aware of :)) And because always one thing leads to another I became horny and wanted to fuck, I was literally feeling my cunt opening like a lotus flower for him. He fucked me from behind (I like that, I feel dominated), I was laying on my belly and rubbing my clit with one hand and, of course, screaming and wanting more, you know that I'm a little nympho after all. He finished on my black skirt after a short but intense session of fucking with me laying on my back. I hope this video will make you mad-horny, that you will want to punish me and will slap my face with your hard cock and you will pull my hair harder than ever while you fuck me to re-establish dominance. Love you honey! Keywords: cheating, cuckolding, fetish,cuckolding-fetish, cheating-video, blowjob, deepthroat, blonde, fucking, mouth-fucking, throat-fucking, cum-on-skirt, cum-on-clothes, roleplay, cheating-on-you, nympho, slut-girlfriend, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs