My Shower

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Discover the beauty and softness of my body while spying on me taking a long, hot shower! I love showers and I have all kinds of weird habits: for example I like to take a shower and to keep the T-shirt on. It feels nice, wet fabric on wet and soapy skin, it fells like when you're jumping into a river or into the sea while keeping your clothes on. I play with my boobs a lot, they're so slippery when covered in shower gel! To offer you an inside view, I used a lavender scented shower gel! I did not forgot to wash and play with my pussy too, could not miss the occasion to make my pussy smell like lavender (my boyfriend loves it if he licks me). I take showers all the time, they calm me and always bring on good disposition. Sometimes I prefer them hot like hell, other times cold-ish, but only in hot summers. The water flowing on my skin kind of makes me to rediscover the inner beauty of my own body: thin ankles, long legs, my big boobs and the round little knees, just like two apples. I am looking in the mirror and just love this young body. Don't you? Keywords: shower, shower-scene, wet-t-shirt, wet-look, wet, soap, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, bathroom, blonde, tit-play, bath-tub, washing, tit-squeezing