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Oh, no! My Daddy caught me masturbating with that Big Pink Realistic Dildo he even doesn't know about! But wait....Daddy doesn't seem so angry I thought he will be! Maybe I can attract him into it! Come on Daddy, don't just sit there looking at me, let's do it together, I know you do masturbate too. I see you, I see that you're quite horny and incited by what you are seeing. I know I'm sexy, Daddy, and my wet little flower needs to be fucked hard, Daddy, and if you won't do it I have to work with what I have: a Big Realistic Dildo. I see that bulge growing in your pants, Daddy, come on, take them off and let me see that throbbing cock you hide there! Your little girl is a beautiful young lady now and knows a lot of things, I could make you feel heavenly! Loook at me Daddy, how I fuck myself harder and harder with this dildo, don't you wanna step in? There's room for two... Rub it Daddy, rub it for me, look how hard you got just by watching me. I want us to cum together Daddy, I want you to splash your load on my horny pussy daddy, let's do it faster, Daddy. Let's cum together Dadddy......oooooh, it happened! At the same fucking time! Daddy, you're the best! Keywords: taboo, JOI, jerk-off-instructions, masturbation-instructions, taboo-instructions, daddy, daughter, masturbation, dildo-masturbation, dildo,-play, dildo, big-realistic-dildo, big-toy, solo-girl, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, female-orgasm, orgasm, fishnets
Amedee Vause
East Pole
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