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ABDL Mommy Caroline Pierce nursery time



Canadian / Las Vegas
15:11 min - Oct 09 - .WMV - 363.20 MB


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YOu're in your wooden crib nappin and your sweet mommy Caroline Pierce comes in to diaper check you. The excitement as she comes in & opens your crib is the best because you know she's going to feel your full soggy diaper in a second! She can smell your pissy soaked dipee too!! PU! You need a change.... you secretly like sitting in your soaked pee diaper but it feels nice when mum wipes your wee wee & powders you to put a cushy new pamper on your tushy! She gives you lots of love & smiles and toys of course!! It's so fun to have a sweet loving mommy doting on you. She sees you're rubbing your diaper down there so she encourages you and even helps you rub over your diaper so you can make cummies in them!! Filmed at the nursery in Las Vegas