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Progressive Mother

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I like to keep myself updated to all new trends in parenting simply because I would never want you to consider me old or obsolete. Maybe I'm a control freak mother but I really want my opinion to be listened to and considered. I want us, mother and son to be on the same page, I read a lot about what a young man needs in his education, I've read blogs, articles, books and watched several vloggers online. I know that old ideas are rather harmful than useful and I also know that you won't listen to ideas that might as well belong to our grand-grandmother. This might seem to you a little weird, but you know, all the parents should have this kind of discussions with their . Let's get it straight: I know that you're a virgin and this seems to be a huge burden for you. It's causing shyness, you don't know how to interact with a girl and I see that's making you feel some sort of shame. It's wrong, that's what the social hypocrisy wants you to feel. I wanna teach you to think freely, to be open about your sexuality and after this, you'll see by yourself that you'll become more detached and easy going. The first step into this is masturbation. I need you to masturbate, I know you don't do it usually (nocturnal pollutions, the lack of porn in your computer) and I need you to understand the importance of it. At first I'm gonna be the progressive mother that many young adults want but don't have the luck to get one. I'm gonna instruct you exactly how to masturbate and then you'll be prepared to do it by yourself anytime you want, it's a relief not a shame. I'm gonna give you some good material too, I'm gonna show you my Big Boobs while you rub your cock for me. It's nothing weird or taboo in it, you've sucked milk from these titties when you were little, so you've seen them, you've touched them, nothing new here. I'm not gonna stop until I see you cum! Come on, rub it harder, we need some cum here, son! :)) Keywords: taboo, mother, mommy's-boy, mommy, milf, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, masturbation-instructions, jerk-off-instructions, JOI, solo-female, masturbation-encouragement