Classic Blonde Smoking

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I really do enjoy putting on a classy show while smoking one of my Cork Filtered, Marlborough Long Cigarettes! A dark environment with light shining from far outside the room makes for a perfect smoking setting. I light my cigarette with my Zippo lighter and proceed to devour it with long drags and slow exhales... it's dark and you can just make out my shapely body as I casually unveil my Big Boobs while enjoying my special Cigarette. You see me smile in the gloom inviting you to cum closer, joining me for a sexy smoke! Keywords: classy, smoking, blonde, cigarette, smoke, ashtray, Marlborough, cork-filters, dark, long-drags, slow-exhales, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, topless, topless-smoking, zippo