Taboo Social Statement

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I recently read on my friend's Twitter account that she fucked her own brother as a social statement! I knew she is a bit extreme and always wants to prove something to society but this time I think she has gone a bit too far. But reading all of the comment thread where people admire her or call her a nasty inbred whore made me change my mind and opinion about this. We are free people, free to make our own choices in life and society has no right to stop us or to establish what is wrong and what is right! The fact that we have the same mother (I'm talking about me and my brother) shouldn't be an impediment if we are attracted to each other. They try to make us think that if we have the same parents we simply cannot have any sexual interaction. I consider this a medieval primary conditioning, or, more simple and clear, bullshit. If we don't procreate (I'm updated with the genetic problems) then I don't see any problem, it's like 200 years ago when to have sex for pleasure and not with the purpose of having was considered a sin, a shame and so on. I explained this to my brother before suggesting we could do that, I tried to make him see beyond the thick wall of "weirdness" and to make him understand that our sexual interaction will be revolutionary, will change the word positively, like the sexual revolution in the 80's. To ease the pressure I offered to give him a blowjob, a sensual and nice one, I wanted him to feel relaxed and to feel that there is no pressure. His cock surprised me a bit, I never saw it up so I never knew how big it actually is. Well, despite it's size I managed pretty well to DeepThroat it continuously to his surprise and astonishment. I was so horny, I haven't had a good fuck in weeks and sucking his cock made me even hornier than I previously was. We had a lot of fun, after I sucked his cock a while and it became stiff I asked him to fuck my wet cunt. He was a cunt about this, teased me until I came explosively ("just the tip 'lil sis" he said...) then I wanted to have again, that mighty cock, in my mouth with my pussy-flavor on it (I like the taste of my own pussy, creamy and a little salty). Obviously, in short time I was horny again and we decided to fuck, doggy-style this time. It did not take long for me to cum again, even stronger this time. I decided that it's time for him to have an orgasm also, but I did not forget how he teased me at first so I went for edging games, I stopped a few times before allowing him to cum. His strong jets of cum even reached my hair, but that's no problem, I like when someone just splashes it all on me :D Keywords: taboo, social-experiment, brother, sister, fucking, doggy-style, mouth-fucking, blowjob, deepthroat, teasing, seducing, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, doggystyle, edging, orgasm-control, cum-in-hair, orgasm, female-orgasm, handjob