I slept with my brother

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I guess that there always existed some kind of weird attraction between me and my brother and, in some particular cases - sexual tension. We're speaking about that latter case now, the decisive moment when the sexual tension between us had grown and grown until it blew up, like a balloon. I hate to be alone, I have all sorts of nightmares and panic attacks not to mention that I'm afraid of the darkness. I dreamed some creepy things and this time I decided to end the loneliness and go stay with my brother, I just needed a friendly human being who understands me and validates me. I needed a hug maybe, to feel someone's arms around me, I just knew this was gonna make me feel better, more safe, less frightened. My brother was reading and was not really pleased to make room for me in his bed. He, unlike myself, was enjoying his loneliness and was planning to have a quiet evening without disturbances. As I found later he just wanted to masturbate. I was also horny, I don't have a stable relationship at the moment and I rarely hook up with strangers. I convinced him that's ok to masturbate laying next to me, and I promised I won't look and I won't bother him at all... So I was horny as hell and he was rubbing his huge erect penis near me... I couldn't resist and looked a few times and that made me even hornier than before. He was angry, saying I'm invading his privacy, but hell, he was masturbating just next to me! I wanted to step in, I wanted some action so I used my best manipulation techniques to convince him that's nothing wrong or weird for us to have a sexual encounter. I just rubbed my ass against his wet cock and....somehow it slid inside :)) I had a record orgasm, after very few moments of fucking. Because I was gifted with such a great orgasm I wanted to return the favor and made him feel amazing, so I gave him a blowjob. But wait, the surprises don't just end here: I surprised my brother with a lot of DeepThroat (yeah, I'm pretty good at it) and used all my sucking and licking skills to show him what I got but also boosted by the reality that I'm having sex with my own brother. I had some worries, I thought he will change his mind or be prudish but I was so wrong: it was an amazing experience for both of us. We alternated fucking with sucking then fucking DoggyStyle again until he just was unable to keep his balls full and squirted his massive load on my boobs and chest. I guess we'll make a habit of bonding together from now on!... Keywords: taboo, blowjob, deepthroat, hardcore-deepthroat, repeated-deepthroat, mouth-fucking, oral-sex, sucking, fucking, spooning, doggystyle, orgasm, female-orgasm, handjob, masturbation, seduction, roleplay, sister, brother, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, cum-on-boobs. P.S. - This hot clip contains my best and longest DeepThroat Sequences up to now! That cock goes in my throat up to 30 times in a row! Enjoy
Amedee Vause
East Pole
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