Trampling Daddy

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AnabellePync at g m a i l dot com <BR><BR> Featuring Alora Jaymes, Dakota Charms & Anabelle Pync! <BR><BR> After a slumberparty, my friends and I wander in to wake you up. We all call you Daddy and trample on you so that you will wake up. When our feet won't do it, we do butt drops. <BR><BR> As much as we yell and jump, you snore soundly. We put our stinky feet on your face and Alora puts her big boobs on your face. Even with tit squashing, you ignore us. <BR><BR> Dakota punches your pile of blankets but we decide to do a body pile and take turns being on the bottom. Even stacking our bodies and twerking our asses doesn't wake you up! <BR><BR> Alora offers to drive us because she played video games and it has to be just like driving a real car! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- body busting, daddy's girl, age play, foot smelling, older man younger woman, bratgirls, POV trampling, nightgowns, human furniture, Alora James, Annabelle Pync, all natural, @AnabellePync