Regressing the Human



American / Hogwarts
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You wake up in an unfamiliar room with a strange woman and even stranger memories of being taken from your bed, defeated, caged. The woman says she represents a planet in Alpha Centauri interested in ruling Earth, but first its inhabitants must be conquered. Humans are too quarrelsome, unmanageable…the adult ones, anyway. The smaller members of the species have much more pleasing behavior—docile, vulnerable, submissive. Can adult humans be reverted to this preferable state? the woman wants to know. Perhaps certain external stimuli could regress their minds in such a way that they would think themselves little again? You can hardly believe your ears. Not just because of the unbelievable situation, but because you’ve dreamt of being regressed, diapered, coddled, and nursed for so long. Now it’s all within your grasp. All you have to do is cooperate, tell the woman what she needs to know…and then reap the rewards of being her little boy for the rest of your life