Mesmerizing you, you are a piece of sh



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Do you think you are a human being? Do you think you are like other people in this world? You are so naive. Your mind and your brain are not common. You are weaker than anybody. You don´t deserve to be a person. From now on you will be whatever I tell you, and yes, you are just a piece of shiiiit, that is what you are. Look at my eyes: you are a piece of shiiiit, nothing more, nothing less. A fucking piece of shiiiit. Do you understand me? I do know what you really are and this is how you will feel until the day you die. You can´t be another thing than a big piece of smelly shiiiit, not with that horrible face, not with that awful body. You are just rubbish and you feel like junk. I have the power over you and you can´t do anything. But you are so easily manipulated that you even enjoy it. You like giving in to me and letting your mind in my hands. Just accept your condition, don´t deny it and never forget the reality. You are a real pushover, that is why you are reading this right now. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you are happy when your mind goes blank. HIGHLIGHTED: you cant resist my sweet but firm voice and my big dark eyes. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW