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The Bad Sex Ed Teacher

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slydawg413 - Top reviewer Oct 14
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Super fucking sexy! Reminds me of the one hot teacher I had in HS! Love the pantyhose as well!

olympia45 deleted - Top reviewer Oct 13
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Hey Stella want to tell you a story about one of my classes i had.

Here she(yes a female) came into our class today and what do you think she was teaching us?
You never guess ,so i tell you!I We were waiting for our teacher math suddenly a beautiful blond haired woman with glasses on entered in!
Omg what a babe we all thought.And she is going to teach us math?Okay let's begin.
She wear a sexy  seethrough blouse,damn we sure could see her hot big boobies.And a sexy and hot short black skirt .We couldn't see if she wear pantyhose or stockings but by the look of her short black skirt we presume it is pantyhose she wears. Surprise, we got lesson in the female body and what it does to men.
It was as she wants us to get our dicks out because  of showing her body and how beautiful she is.Oh and her dirty talk to us and yes she sure wants our dicks out and play with them.Then out of nowhere she get rid her sexy blouse showing her WOW big boobs and play with those 2 beautiesOh and her nipples were rock hard.You imagine my cock was rock hard.
But that was not all,no way, she undresses all but her pantyhose.You know that was not so bad because we could see her horny pussy so clear!Omg a beautiful woman in our class with only her sexy high heels on!We were bewildered and at the same time so horny we had to jerk.Then she sat on her chair and take hugh thing in her hand said that is a Hitachi ( high vibration)used by female for their clits to have a hugh orgasm.Okay we watched her doing herself with that thing.Omg you just won't believe me but we all were of the world of pleasure because of the scene we watched!Jesus what a gorgeous Sex ED Teacher showing us how female cum!That body shaking all over did us cum too!And you know what,she in the end shows us how to jerk and cum with a hugh load in her mouth!!Yeah she had it all in her mouth and teases us with her load spitting in and out omg Stella i have never had such a experience in my school time ever!
You had to be there otherwise you just don't believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey babe 5 Stars worth 10Stars.Thanks beauty!

Hello class! My name is Miss Stella and I'm from the Sex Ed department. I'm going to be "filling in" to educate you on female anatomy, masturbation, and the many health benefits of ejaculation. This class is erotic in nature so it is in your best nature to pay close attention and take notes. I expect a full report of your observations and admirations after class