Gassy Latina Sample Farts

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After seeing Mistress Geisha sample farts video , I am definitely going to have and get her other farting videos ! :)

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A great way to get your toes (and perhaps other body parts) wet, in regards to this fetish.

seanh_97 - Top reviewer Oct 18
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Need to get some more fart vids after seeing this!

Thank you!

This is a sample of my farts so you can get a feel on how I do my farting videos. There are 4 short clips 52 seconds long (total actual video footage is 52 seconds). I do not use pumps, Im 100 percent natural. It takes me weeks to make a full video being farts are so random. Feel free to check out my other farting videos. Im also always open to ideas and customs, so dont be shy and shoot me a message. Please dont forget to rate my videos oxox
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