You Deserve to be Short

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Empress Mika

American / USA
301 5.0
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peternap3 - Top reviewer Nov 10 2017
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If only there were more stars to give this clip.

Princess Mika is SO HOT in this outfit and she destroys any short loser watching. By the end of this clip you will be begging Princess Mika to make you her slave. Princess Mika makes it very clear short losers are never going to have what they want so they might as well embrace the fact and just submit to worshipping her.

By the end you will be drooling all over the floor at how insanely gorgeous Princess Mika is.

Flamingoro - Top reviewer Oct 27 2017
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Gods this might be one of the hottest outfits I have ever seen Goddess wear. Everything from Her silky long hair, to Her satin panties and down to Her long shiny boots is perfect. I get weak just looking at Her. This clip is flawless humiliation.

DrWangFei deleted - Top reviewer Oct 21 2017
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So amazingly perfect and sexy!

Can you believe that, when I wear these sexy, thigh-high boots, I am 6'6" tall? I truly am a Goddess who towers over all of you pathetic, short losers. I mean just look at Me! Everything about My body is perfectly tall! From My long slender legs, to My slim torso, to My elegant neck. There is not a single part of Me that is short and disgusting like you gross losers. In fact, it is safe to say that I was created to torment all of you short losers with My sexy, tall body because I embody the type of perfection that you so desire and crave. However, you will never have and definitely will never deserve Me or any tall, beautiful woman like Me. You are short and repulsive. This is so funny to Me because, literally, your biggest desire is something that is completely unobtainable. It does not matter how much you want Me, how much your crave Me, or how willing you are to humiliate yourself for Me. No matter what you do, you will never have Me. And I know this rejection will only make you obsess over Me even more which is why it is exactly what you need to hear. Fetishes: Height Humiliation, Tall Women, Amazons, Boots, Slave Training, Mental Domination, Bra & Panties, Lingerie, Long Legs, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Verbal Humiliation, Love Addiction, Financial Domination, FinDom, Money Fetish, Brat Girls, Cock Tease, Female Domination, FemDom, FemDom POV, Half Asian, Goddess Worship, Princess