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Ravenclaw Wand Fuck Harry Potter

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Little Miss Rowena is a model Ravenclaw student; beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, a talented witch and above all curious... after finishing a chapter of The History of Magic, her mind wanders and her curiosity gets the better of her... what would her wand feel like touching her pussy? She's a smart witch, so with a flick of her wand she locks the door so no one can see what this naughty schoolgirl is up to. Now that she's all alone, she strips out of her skirt and slowly unbottons her blouse to expose her perfect little breasts. After prodding her panties with the tip of her wand, she feels extra naughty and in need of punishment for her bad behavior, so she turns around and gives herself a few lashes with the wand. After her bum starts to get good and red, she slips off her panties and gives herself a few more spankings before finally plunging that wand deep inside her pussy. It feels strange, but almost like she's being fingered, and just doing something she's never done before is exciting. Rowena fucks her wand until lovely white cum drips out of her, along with passionate gasps and moans. Enjoy this sexy little spell and prepare to be enchanted.. (VIDEO IS OUT OF FOCUS FOR LAST SCENE, apologies for any inconvenience