Mistress Aiden Reprograms Her Footslave



American / Las Vegas
18:31 min - Oct 10 - .MP4 - 1.05 GB


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Mistress Aiden Starr knows how to manipulate men's minds to turn them into obedient, mindless puppets. She breaks Marcelo, wiping out his self esteem and reprogramming him. She humiliates him verbally while making him lick the dirt off the bottom of her shoes, and then uses her feet to enslave his senses. She makes him worship her feet like his life depends on it.. In the end, she sits on his face and jerks him off until he blows a nice slave-load for her.. he will never be the same after this day! THIS IS ONE OF OUR MOST INTENSE SCENES EVER!! Mistress Aiden is known worldwide for her wild Femdom sessions.. see what it would like to serve her