Cheating on my Husband with BBC

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American / Las Vegas
1,683 5.0
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Arrakis84 Jan 17 2018

That gorgeous blue eyes, super sexy arched ass and that great skilled deepthroat.. wow

BentForBlack Dec 7 2017
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I mean, it's Bobbi Dylan sucking a big black cock. It's great.

inferiorinsect Nov 23 2017
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Bobbi is every woman, only way hotter. She called a mutual friend of her husband's to "hangout." Like every black man, her guest can't help but flirt. And this is Dylan we're talking about, so cock gets hard. She sizes him up with her hand. Her every touch is enough to drive any cock crazy. They play the comparison game, after trash talking her husband; that's real cheating. And of course she does what every slut does, but better. Watch it.

(Honestly, I nutted during the blowjob. But if we're going to do reviews, we're going to do it the right way; we're going to start from the top, and endure tease-and-denial.)

My husband spent all day at work when his friend comes over looking for him, he's not home but I see the grey sweatpants and what he was working out with and I needed to get my hands on it. It's like nothing I've ever seen before watch me suck and gag on it while I spit bubbles and he uses the jump rope to keep me down on his cock. Then we fuck for a little and we realize what a tight squeeze it is and I can barely take him