Studying Anatomy With Daddy

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Princess Bambie

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2,610 5.0
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Goodguy5157 - Top reviewer Nov 11
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Bambie is the sexiest school girl ever! I enjoyed watching her strip out of her uniform and get ready for some hands on anatomy education. I love Bambie’s dirty talk and the way she begs for her daddy’s cum. I could watch cream pies drip from her perfect pussy all day!

I'm studying for a huge anatomy test tomorrow when Daddy comes home from work to find me in a short skirt, trying to memorize some boring terms. I'm not sure I'll be able to pass this test, but Daddy has an idea on how we can make it a memorable study session. He orders me to take off my sweater, and my skirt. I tell him I'm not sure how this will help me study for my anatomy test as I take off my clothes, and insist that we're actually studying the male anatomy, so if I have to get naked then he should have to take out his cock, too. After Daddy's cock is out I need to know what it tastes like, and he's more than happy to let me. I tell him he looks way bigger than the pictures in my text book and begin sucking him off until I'm dying to have him inside of me. I start riding him reverse cowgirl and then ask him to turn me around and fuck me. Daddy fucks me really hard and pretty soon I'm ready to cum, begging for him to blow a big load in my pussy. As we watch his cum drip out of my pussy I thank him for helping me study, confident that I'll pass after some memorable real life experience