playing w a noodle poodle

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Charlie McGee

American / Bikini Bottom
287 5.0
2:15 min - Oct 10 - .MP4 - 328.94 MB


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The one thing I'd recommend for future pup videos is maybe some barking or whimpers, but aside from that this video is gold!! Such a playful and gorgeous little pup just eager to play. This is one pup I would love to have and play with <3

oh yes! i can be quite a noisy pup. but it's near impossible to do that until i get my apartment.. family is almost always home!
thank you, my little tator tot. 😄💛

see a quick snippet into the life of a human pup. legs restricted because puppies aren't allowed to stand in the house. watch her wiggle her little butt around, roll around (though there is a lack of space!), put her tail plug in, lap up water from a bowl, and offer you some of her favorite toys to play with