Keeping My Foot "Bitch" Under Foot



American / Kentucky
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Foot Bitch Lynn part 3 My extreme foot dominated slave has also become My whore, for strange cocks and whatever else humors Me. I have My "bitch" down on the ground underfoot again, where she belongs, terrorizing her with my stocking feet in pantyhose (the same pantyhose I've been humiliating her with all this time, now super stinky and sweaty), rubbing them all over her face, smearing all the cum in from the blow jobs she's been giving, the cum that she didn't swallow. I continue to verbally pound her, letting her know she will never escape Me. I own this "bitch", and she is not ever going to forget it!! Custom video order, 3rd part of "Foot Bitch Lynn" For a custom video order, or a pair of worn pantyhose, contact Me: Follow on Twitter: @kinkyexecutive Heart my profiles, videos and leave my videos reviews, and I'll send you free pics!! Just send your email! Keywords: Pantyhose, worn pantyhose, pantyhose slave, pantyhose domination, Domination, Femdom POV, femdom, Domme, laughing, humiliation, extreme humiliation, verbal humiliation, verbal bashing, Humiliatrix, Dominatrix, nylons, stockings, smelly pantyhose, dirty pantyhose, dirty nylons, sweaty feet, foot domination, foot bitch, foot teasing, upskirt, POV view, mean, evil, Kinkyexecutive, Mistress Lin, Linzy, on back, foot worship, pantyhose worship, foot slave, slavery, obey, submission