It's Halloween and Uncle is Back



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Custom- In this one it's Halloween and uncle is back to give his niece two pair of shiny tan pantyhose to put on as encasement all over her body except for her head and the hands. He told her it was a cheetah cat outfit complete with cat ears, cute girly socks high heels, hair in pigtails, and short schoolgirl mini skirt. She puts it on over her bunny panties, soon after he asked her to dance around for him in it. She's more than happy. He give her candy, as she bends over in front of the couch on her knees with her behind in the air acting like a cat as she eat candy. The uncle then starts to grind her from behind with his cock out as she pays him no attention looking through her candy eating the best ones. He then sits on the couch and puts her on his lap as he grinds her bottom. she happily eats her candy like a little girl. He then bends her over the kitchen counter, to grind her bother me from behind again. He then takes her to the bedroom two lay her on her stomach, he stripped down to nothing, and grind her behind from different angles, nuzzling her neck, as he rub her nylon covered body she continued to eat her candy. Pulling her to the side of the bed he grinds her from behind again pulling her shoulders back, she arched like a cat while eating her candy. He then lays down in the bed placing her on top of him as their stomachs touch, he spreads his legs putting her between them, he puts her legs together placing his cock up words between the gap of her vagina and legs in a scissorhold position to slide his cock up and down her pantyhose crotch. at an angle from behind her as she lay on top of him with his cock in a scissor hold. Soon after he tears a small hole in her crutch Circle to fuck her missionary, doggy style, and laying on her stomach. At many angles. He ends by fucking her doggystyle over the side of the bed pulling his cock out to come down her legs. He then leaves the room as She lays there continuously eating her candy and smiling