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18yo FAITH with braces FIRST SCENE EVER

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
1,057 5.0
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shooter5 - Top reviewer Apr 9
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Another great newbie teen Iron break in with having her suck his big cock. Good load for her to swallow and another successful first timer thanks to Iron.

I'm glad you enjoyed Faith's debut!  She didn't do a lot of work in the industry, so it's a real gem.  Cheers! :)

18yo FAITH with braces FIRST SCENE EVER I met 18 year old Faith when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. This is her VERY FIRST SCENE! Oklahoma native. She's wearing a t-shirt that reads "Blue Eyes Hypn0tise." Recruited from social media and came out to Los Angeles for 2 weeks. She's hoping to earn $10k during her stay. Previous work experience at Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, a taco place, and at her parent's restaurant. 6 brothers and sisters. Used to have a twin sister. Faith overcame anorexia and has battled leukaemia and cocaine addiction. Her eating disorder almost finished her, she says. She went from 172 lbs to 56 lbs. Had a heart attack at 16. Went to rehab for 10 months, a feeding tube up her nose for over 6 months. Still has issues but dealing with them. 5'0" 102 lbs. Family doesn't know of her current career choice. Takes off bra. 32B all-natural boobs. Never had sex for money in her life before now. Former cheerleader and volleyball player. Also played as a running back for powder puff football, where no tackling is allowed. Peels her jeans down. Sweet multicoloured thong. Tattoo on her back to remember her twin, who passed away from leukaemia. Two hand ass spread. Saving money to pay off her bills and replace her sister's car, which she totalled trying to avoid a deer. Swallowing is "not hard to do" for her. Arabic script tattoo on her right hip that means "survivor." Started snorting cocaine at 14. She has the word "Breathe" tattooed on her wrist. In rehab, her therapist would sit beside her at every meal because Faith would hyperventilate, telling her to breathe. She just would not eat. I tell her that I'll make sure she's fed today and we both laugh. Her wide smile shows off her braces. Shaved pussy, which she calls her "Va-Jay-Jay." When it's stubbly, she calls it her "Princess Peach" or her "Venus Guy Trap." Has been with 58 guys in her life. Lost virginity at 14 to a 21 year old man. Oldest guy she's been with was 24. Has had threesomes with another girl and guy. Faith told her younger sister that she's doing porn. The sister thinks it's cool and wants to do it, too. Faith likes having sex in random places: movie theatres, trees, cop cars, parks, and any public place. Has received 2 public nudity tickets. One came while she was naked on a boat. The officer who taught her Boat Safety ticketed her even though she was wearing her life jacket. She was 16 and the fine was $232. Her driver from her modelling agency chose her stage name for her. She hopes to keep doing porn for as long as she enjoys sex, which she expects to be for the rest of her life. I invite her to #TakeAKnee and she does. Her lips form a seal around my shaft and she sucks in a slow, methodical manner. She points at her braces and asks me if I like these "pecker wreckers." Hands-free head. She doesn't want to be facefucked, so I enjoy her energy and have her lick my balls. She tells me she's thirsty for lots of cum. I place my hands on her head and fuck her mouth, completely ignoring what we just discussed. More ball licking and cock sucking. She tells me that she likes it more than I do. I seriously doubt this but don't want to have a debate. She begs for cum. "I want your cum in the back of my throat so bad! Can I please have your cum in my mouth? Is that going to make you cum? I want it so bad. I'm going to open my mouth and offer you my tongue. You make a little deposit right there." Wish granted but it's a HUGE throat-clogging clump that's dumped. She swallows it in one go and cleans off her chin, too. She tells me it was amazing and I ask her for 3 other adjectives. She replies, "Amazing!" "Phenomenal!" and "Very tasty!" I thank her and wish her well, telling her I hope she never has an eating disorder again. She tells me she won't, "not with that in my mouth. Lots of protein!" She smiles from ear to ear