Richard Gets Sucked & Fucks Annie POV 7



American / Los Angeles, CA
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Welcome to the Richard Sutherland Sex Chronicles. Today's installment starts off with some hot POV of the gorgeous Annie Arbor sucking on Richard's big cock. Her tits are out and she's sucking him nice and deep. First while he's on his back and then while she's on her back. Richard is holding the camera so this is perfect for all you POV blowjob lovers (POV handjob lovers as well as Annie is very good with using her mouth and her hands while she sucks on Richard's cock). Then Richard slides his cock into her and starts fucking her good while he holds the camera. He flashes to the mirror and does a studly flex while he fucks her. Then he gives the camera to Annie and she holds it to focus on him some. His muscles flexing and his cock burying itself in repeatedly in her tight pussy. Then Richard holds it and fucks her some more POV style. It's so hot to see Annie's facial expressions and her big tits bouncing. Richard looks at the camera and says, "I'm tired of holding the fucking camera, so I'm going to fuck the bleep out of her. Thanks for watching." The end. Oh wait. He turned the camera back on for the cum shot. Woohoo! A stream of cum misses it's aim (Annie's sexy mouth) and dives down between her legs. Then Annie with her tongue eagerly out catches the rest of it. The end. Hahaha! Enjoy