Red Lipped Seduction

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My favorite feeling is adrenaline. Especially when it comes to masturbating with a loud hitachi when my grandmother is in the other room. You're going to stroke with me, but you're not going to cum until I do. We're going to be as quiet as we can while I try not to get caught. A lot of these girls claim someone is the other room, then end up screaming while orgasming and no one shows up. Well, there's definitely not screaming in here, but I do get a little loud, and there's plenty of stop-and-start with the hitachi while I make sure I'm not about to get walked in on. You can even hear my grandmother's LOUD TV while I try to stay quiet and make myself cum. The best part is getting to cum all over my grandma's living room chair. You even get a nice look at my overworked feet as I finally cum. A few closeups of my wet core are involved, and some dirty talking spread throughout the video. I'd call it my most explicit since my Hitachi Cum in Dorm, and I think you'll have just as much as I did