Fun in my room with toy and fingers

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Alexis Rose

Canadian / Canada
494 5.0
9:39 min - Oct 10 - .MOV - 1.03 GB


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Startingallover - Top reviewer Jan 26
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WOW the pose you did on all four was beautiful!! You looked amazing in your dress. watching you strip and seeing your wonderful ass was out of this world! This was a great video haha

dutchlongarm deleted - Top reviewer Dec 29
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Cute outfit that looks really good on your body. And i'm glad you left the comments about people outside can see you. Gives it a "i'm-naughty-and-i-do-not-care-who-knows" feel, which is super sexy. When you rest on all fours, on your side, staring at the camera - that is a great look. Wet hair look is hot as hell. Really hot how when it feels really good your eyes roll back. One of your better vids.

Scansin Dec 6
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Another one of my favorite vids by her. Check her out if you've not.

endlessgin - Top reviewer Oct 23
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It's a lovely (almost) 9 minutes, watching Lexi, strip, and bring herself to orgasm on her bed, lovely vid.

I've been meaning to start taking longer videos so here is the longest so far! I was in my room alone and decided to have some fun. At one point I whispered that people could see me outside and I meant to cut that small 2 second part out, my apologies but nonetheless I guarantee you will enjoy