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Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
7:27 min - Oct 10 - .WMV - 291.01 MB


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7 Minute and 23 Second clip FETISHES INCLUDED: -MAKE ME BI -TEACHING YOU TO SUCK COCK -POV -CUCKOLDING -FEMDOM -FEMALE DOMINATION -HUMILIATION -DILDO SUCKING -DILDO Your girlfriend comes into the bedroom, sits down and confronts you about something you admitted last night. "Someone made a very big mistake last night....You dont remember at all do you? Well when you were dru**nk you admitted something to me. A Deep, Dark Secret....Oh you want to know? Well you told me that sometimes you watch GAY PORN! Oh, I know its true. Whenever we watch PORN together your ALWAYS staring at the COCKS!! Do you want to fuck a guy? Or at least SUCK SOME DICK? You want to know what dick tastes like? Well Ive thought about fucking another guy for a while now, Maybe we can do it together. You can SUCK HIS DICK and get him all ready for me..." "I brought something you can practice on....THIS! See this massive fucking dildo? A lot bigger then yours thats for sure! I thought maybe we can test you jacking it off and sucking it...Do you think you could even fit this into your mouth?!" "Do you think you could fit this whole thing into your mouth? Oh your turned on, dont deny it. This is your fantasy! Your girlfriend teaching you to suck cock! Do you want it inside of you too? I think we should practice with you sucking it first. Its a very big cock! Your going to really have to open up your throat!" "Are you getting turned on knowing your girlfriend knows your secret? That you want to suck a big fat cock? I know you've always liked the gangbang and DP porn because theres just so many cocks!" "Should we watch some gay porn together? So you can learn how to really suck cock? Or would you rather watch another guy fuck me and lap up all the cum yourself?&quot