VAMPIRE Sucks and Fucks you


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
8:00 min - Oct 10 - .MP4 - 314.07 MB - 854x480

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Clip is 8 minutes CLIP INCLUDES: -VAMPIRE -VIRTUAL SEX -POV SEX -ALIENS AND MONSTERS -FANTASIES -TOPLESS -PALE -GREEN HAIR -TRANSFORMATION FANTASY -FANGS -DIRTY TALK -TIT GRABBING -BOOBS -TONGUE FETISH You walk into your bedroom and theres a very pale almost naked girl...What the hell? She says "Oh oh dont be shocked little one. I know all about you, I know you've wanted to be a VAMPIRE for some time now. The vampire guild has been considering you very strongly. You seem so frightened....Did you not beleive VAMPIRES were actually real? " She gets close to you and shows her FANGS at you, very close to you. Your scared but turned on and excited too. Just as easily as she frightened you she gets back on the bed in a seductive pose and says "Oh, Im not here to hurt you.... Im here to consider giving you eternal life." "Do you want to be one of us? Do you want to be my little slave?" She grabs her TIT and RUBS IT. I know you had a hard on the second you walked in your room and saw me and my tits. Vampires can be very persuasive and sexy to mortals..." She lays back on the bed and rubs her tits together and moans. "You know to become a VAMPIRE we have to FUCK and you have to give me your CUM before giving me your BLOO**D....and then your forever connected to me. Forever my chil**d. Forever my lover. Forever my sex slave. You are very well endowed. I cant say I havnt thought about you becoming a vampire and me getting to fuck you all the time...." She says this as she starts RUBBING HER PUSSY. She gets up in your face again and shows off her FANGS..... "What do you say? Do you want to be one of us? Do you want to fuck me? " She plays with her TITS as her FANGS are out. "Do you want these FANGS around that BIG COCK? Do you want to touch these? She puts her big pale tits right in your face. She shows off her FANGS a ton while You slowly get on the bed with her and she rubs her tits while your on top of her. "Do you want to put your manhood inside this vampire?" You put your cock inside her and she tells you all the naughty things she dreamt about doing to you when she found out you wanted to be a vampire (Buy the video for the rest!.) You have the best sex of your life and then she turns you