I Fucked Your Wife

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I bet you never thought in a million years that you’d be cucked by a hot woman… I’ve been friends with your wife for years and have heard all her complaints about what a horrible lover you are. I’ve gotten rather tired of her complaints so I decided to do something about it. All it took was a couple glasses of wine and your hot wife was begging for me to show her what a real orgasm feels like. Did you know your wife is a squirter? I’m guessing you didn’t. She’s quite the hellcat in bed, I was almost certain the neighbors were gonna call the cops on us she was screaming so loudly. I don’t even know how many times I made her cum, I lost count after 7. Needless to say, she finally knows what it feels like to lay back, relax and let someone skilled take the wheel. I can’t wait to see her again tomorrow