Down The Rabbit Hole ASMR

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Lay down, close your eyes, listen to my soft whispers as I guide your breathing and put you under my spell. The sounds of my voice and the rushing of blo od to your groin is causing your cock to grow harder and harder, each and every minute. Now that I’ve got you where I want you, I need you to picture a cock. The biggest one you’ve ever seen. Maybe you’ve seen it in real life, maybe in porn, just imagine it. Burn that image into your mind. Envision it swollen, dripping and throbbing, every vein popping out and straining against it’s skin. Can you taste it? Can you feel it as he enters your mouth? Feel every crease and ridge and vein as it slides across your tongue as he grabs you by the hair and fucks your pretty face. Harder, deeper, faster he goes, gagging and cho king you with his huge cock. The imagery makes your cock twitch. You’re dripping everywhere and haven’t even touched yourself once. As you picture your mouth being filled with cum, your own cock clenches and spasms, sending fountains of your own jizz spraying everywhere as you lay in your trance