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So what do you think your wife would think if she found out about your little indiscretion? She’d probably be pretty pissed off, right? What about all your high profile friends? Think they’d still associate with you if they knew the dirty, kinky things I made you do? How would they know, you ask? Well, you big, fat, idiot, I’m no dummy. I’ve been secretly filming all our little interactions over the past few months and I’ve got a ton of incriminating evidence to destroy your life. And since you’re too stupid to keep your big mouth shut, I’ve got all the information on who you hobnob with and I know just how to get this information to them. And I will hold every single one of those files ransom. I fully expect a decent sized deposit in my bank account every week or else they will start getting released. I’m sure your kids school would be absolutely horrified at some of the ridiculous things you’ve done. And you surely don’t wanna ruin their lives, right