Eat Your Punishment

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You’ve been directed to keep a schedule of cum eating and I’ve discovered that you haven’t been obeying my orders. Don’t worry yourself with how I know, just know that I do and now it’s time for your punishment. I’m requiring you to jerk it twice a day this week. One is for eating, the other is for saving. I’ve got big plans for that you’ll gather up but first you must eat your daily load for me. Take you dick out and make a load for me. Come on, hurry up, I don’t have all day. Now that you’ve got that load, I need you to take your time consuming it. Taste it, play with it, slurp it like it’s a bowl of the most savory, delicious stew you’ve ever eaten. I need you to really take in the taste of your cum. Savor it, observe it, feel it’s goopy texture against your tongue. Really absorb the salty flavor. Learn to love it. I’ll see you again next week and we can really explore your craving for cum