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My Bikini Babe

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Don’t lie to me, I know you’ve been dressing up in my clothes when I’m gone. I’m sick of you stretching out all my favorite clothes so I thought I’d do you favor and make a purchase for your own collection. I found this really adorable bikini at the mall today and thought it’d look perfect on you. It’s a string bikini so it’ll really emphasize the man tits you’ve got going on, for sure! Let me help you into it. Now that you’ve got the perfect slutty swimsuit, you’re going to have to pick a pair of shoes. Every bikini babe rocks a pair of heels with her suit, don’t you know? The heel will really make your ass pop and make your legs look long and lean. So which pair will it be? The stable, yet sexy, orange wedges or the classic five inch stiletto heel? Now that you’ve got your own sexy get up, I can assume you’ll leave my closet alone, right? You’re looking good but we’ll definitely have to do something about your face. No one like a butter face but I think we’ll save that for another day. You have to practice walking in those heels first