I´ll eat you up and savour you, tiny boy



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Wow! You told me you wanted to know how you would feel inside of my mouth, that is your dream, isn´t it? Well, I wont say no, hahah. I love eating tiny man like you, specially if you are tasty, and fortunately for you, you look like you are. Once you decide this is your fate, there is no turning back. This is going to be a great moment for both of us. This is a special day for you. Many tiny men would give anything to be eaten up by my beautiful mouth, so make the most of every second in this intimate experience. You will enjoy my wet tongue savouring you all, and I will amuse myself with your sweet taste. Here you are, so tiny and red, it is common to be a bit scared at the last minute when in front of my vicious mouth, but don´t be afraid. Shall we start? I hope you taste good, the better you taste, the happier you will make me. I am already salivating, can you hear my stomach roaring? This is because of you. Uhmmmmm... you taste like strawberry, what a great surprise! Can you feel my warm spit covering your body slowly? Uhmmmmm I love sucking you, you taste delicious! I wasn´t wrong with you. Can you guess what part of your body I will start with? Enjoy your trip throughout my mouth and your way down to my tummy, babe. There is no you anymore... Now you are a happy part of me. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you would do anything to fulfill Angie´s hunger. HIGHLIGHTED: my real exciting moaning of pleasure when savouring you. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW