My legs belong in STOCKINGS


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
7:21 min - Oct 10 - .MP4 - 247.30 MB


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CONTAINS NUDITY. CLIP IS 7 MINS AND 21 SECONDS Some talking but not completely thru the whole video. CLIP INCLUDES: -GARTER AND STOCKINGS -VINTAGE STOCKINGS -PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS -FOOT FETISH -CALVES -CALF MUSCLE FETISH -FLEXING -STOCKINGED FEET -RHT STOCKINGS -FEET IN STOCKINGS "I know how much you love my LEGS in STOCKINGS...With this 12 strap garter belt too!" I dance a little and pull up my dress and show off my 12 strap garter belt and gray stockings with yellow tops and the fact that Im wearing NO PANTIES! While standing I push my LEG out and show off my CURVY CALVES and HIGHLY ARCHED FEET while in these stockings! "Do you like my HIGH ARCHES and how EXTRA SHAPELY my CALVES look in these stockings? My legs were made for stockings!" The camera moves to a LOW ANGLE focusing on mainly the FEET and CALVES as I FLEX my LEGS and show off my FEET covered in my GRAY stockings. Lots of great angles including my SOLES and me FLEXING my CALVES from behind. I then get on my KNEES showing a great angle of my THIGHS, PUSSY and GARTER BELT closer up. I move around, rub and caress my legs then move to a side angle and ARCH my FEET and show off my feet and my CALVES in my STOCKINGS. I then move to a doggy style position with my ass facing to the side and say "You love the way my ASS looks in this garter belt dont you? In this 12 strap garter belt!" I rub my hands across my leg and my stockings "Hmmm so silky smooth!" I then sit on my ass and release a few of the garters and put my STOCKINGED FEET right into the camera (pov almost in your face ;) ) Great little peaks of my pussy almost explicit views while I shove my STOCKINGED FEET right into your face and stretch and wiggle them! I CARESS my legs as I move around in a few different poses and slowly unattach a few more of the garter straps. After I unattach all the garters and caress my stocking covered legs I SLOWLY remove the STOCKINGS from my legs. I show off my LEGS and MUSCULAR CALVES without the stockings on to finish up this video